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When I first heard of Monat, I was living life at a painful pace. I was doing the next thing to keep everyone satisfied, not even happy. I was certainly not looking for one more "venture" to add to my life. I was a busy, business-owning and homeschooling mom.

something told me to go for it. It was RISK-FREE. I mean, there’s a good return policy and no inventory. Even my husband said, "why not?" I seriously doubted my value in the “beauty” world. I questioned if I had the energy to devote to a new community (and a new team). 

four years later, I wish I could count how many times I have been told, "I think it's amazing what you're doing. I wish I was more ambitious like you."  And my answer is that YOU CAN be with the right support and you already make a difference! and that is what keeps me going...You never know who you're inspiring with your bold moves.

Do it, make the move. 
Step into the scary with us. 
Be who you are, where you are.
Ignore the doubters.
You’ll miss every chance you don't take. 
It’s time to say YES.

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Before Monat, my hair was always freshly colored and cut. I was forced to maintain upkeep in order to style it. I had no bangs because I had no hair. My ponytail fit into a baby elastic. After 5 months of Monat, I have seen a dramatic increase in volume, new baby hairs and half a head of hair regrowth!

"my ponytail fit into a baby elastic and I had no bangs."


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After only two months of using Monat, I'm shocked. My naturally curly hair is SO soft, no longer frizzy! It's incredibly full, I can hardly believe it's MY hair.

"After only 2 months of use, I'm shocked..."


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Chronic stress, low thyroid and bleach just don't play well together. I thought I would have a pixie for the rest of my life because my dry, brittle hair broke after each and every bleach session. It was tired. After 2 years of Monat, I have a completely NEW head of hair!

"Chronic stress, low thyroid and bleach just don't play well together."


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After 20 years of constant coloring coupled with damage from sun and hormones, my once beautiful curls were gone. I was left with frizzy dead hair. The last straw was a perm...in walked Monat. After 2 years of using these amazing products, my curls have never been better! I have volume, shine and most importantly my healthy curls!

"...constant coloring coupled with damage from sun and hormones, my once beautiful curls were gone."


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Want to hear why I am still with Monat, over two years later? I've replaced my income as a highly-sought photographer.

Meet Team Lux

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I spill the details on what is asked of you once you enroll as a
Market Partner... inventory, quotas, and training.


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But what is really required?

Listen to find out if you are a good fit for Team Lux...or not!


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