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I am a Sacred Geometry Energy Practitioner, Reiki Practitioner, and Certified Life Coach. With over 13 years of dedicated homeschooling experience.

as a devoted wife and mother of four, I have a profound understanding of the intricate relationship between personal growth, family dynamics, and overall well-being. My multi-passionate nature led me to build several successful entrepreneurial small businesses, adding to my leadership experience in leading myself and teams.

i have an unwavering commitment to helping you live out their soul purpose. I mentor individuals in harmonizing their masculine and feminine energies with their core values to achieve life alignment. I also specialize in timeline shifting, empowering you with tools to reclaim and integrate fragmented pieces of yourself resulting from past traumatic experiences.

Through the potent combination of sacred geometry, Reiki healing, and my divinely grounded guidance, i will facilitate your profound story rewrite, transformative healing, and the emergence of a changed future defined by wholeness, vitality and purpose.

You will walk away remembering more of who you are and where you need to be.

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What they're saying

What they're saying

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